Opponent's Cards
Your Cards

War is a card game traditionally played by two people. In this variation, you control the cards on the right side of the screen. Click your stack of cards to flip over both yours and your opponent's top cards. The player with the highest card gets to keep both cards. Aces are counted high in this game.

Should you and your opponent both have the same top card, this is considered war. Three additional cards will be taken from each stack and placed face down on the cards. A fourth card will be placed face up for comparison. Should one card be higher than another, gameplay continues as normal with the person with the highest card getting all the cards down on the table.

If the fourth cards also have the same value, then they are compared by suit. Spades are higher than Hearts, Hearts are higher than Clubs, and Clubs are higher than Diamonds. The person with the card of the highest suit gets all the cards on the table.

The game continues until one of the players has no cards left. If you have collected all the cards, then you win the game! You can also stop playing at any time by clicking 'Stop Playing'. If you have the most cards when you click 'Stop Playing', then you also win. You can reset your game at any time or play again by clicking 'Reset Game'. The cards will be shuffled in a different order each time the game is reset.